Homes near shore on Ponza Island

Enjoy Views Of Colorful Homes And Beautiful Beaches At This Italy Spot

By Jenna Busch


Visitors to Italy often have frustration with crowds. However, there are some incredible places to visit in Italy that aren't overrun with tourists, such as Ponza Island.
Ponza Island has around 25 miles of coastline to explore. From May through September, you'll find high temperatures in the 70s and 80s Fahrenheit, which is perfect for beaches.
Ponza's Centro Storico has delightful shops, boutiques, spots for seafood, and rainbow-colored houses. The island is surrounded by historical white cliffs with sea caves.
Ponza Island has plenty of beaches to explore. Spiaggia di Frontone, a popular beach 2.5 miles from the port, has a DJ in the evenings who will spin for your dancing pleasure.
At Piscine Naturali, you can rent paddle boats, kayaks, umbrellas, and chairs. The beach also has three rocky pools to swim in for a unique experience.
If snorkeling is your thing, visit Cala dell'Acqua for some prime scuba spots and a shipwreck. You can also sail to the nearby Palmarola Island to visit the sole restaurant there.