The Eurostar train

Eurail Is Your Ticket To A Budget-Friendly Italian Vacation

By Jenna Busch


Renting a car for your Italy trip means dealing with confusing directions and rental agencies. Instead, keep your trip stress-free by purchasing a Eurail Pass.
Depending on which ticket you choose, you can travel several days within a set period of time for a single price. You can visit different countries or simply get a pass for Italy.
Each day you travel, you can take as many trains as you want, meaning you can stop at multiple cities close to where you started on the same ticket.
A Eurail Pass can save you a lot in Italy. Instead of paying $100 to only go from Rome to Milan and back, you could stop by nearby destinations for less than double the price.
According to Eurail, the most popular choice is six travel days within a month priced at $272 for adults. The flexibility means you don't have to travel every day of your trip.
Eurail Passes only cover non-European residents, and Europeans need an Interrail Pass. Consider downloading the Eurail Rail Planner app to help you stay organized.