Trevi Fountain in Rome

Everything Tourists Should Know Before Visiting Rome's Trevi Fountain

By Jenna Busch


Rome's glorious Trevi Fountain is something that you have to make a point to see when visiting the Eternal City, but there are several rules you must follow.
The sculptural landmark was completed in 1762 and is fed by the Aqua Virgo, an ancient aqueduct completed in 19 B.C. If people stop following these rules, access could be limited.
Whether you are a tourist or resident, you are not allowed to get in the water at all. There are police in the area to ensure this doesn't happen.
You are not allowed to eat and drink by the fountain and may not sit on the edge. You absolutely cannot climb the sculptures and will be fined for the offense.
Trying to fill your bottle from the fountain is disrespectful and illegal. There is also a correct way to throw in your coin to reap the legendary benefits of the tradition.
You should turn away from the fountain and throw the coin over your left shoulder with your right hand. However, you cannot take any coins out of the fountain.