Find Budget-Friendly First-Class Seats With These Airlines

By Kylie McCreary


Flying first class offers an abundance of perks, but it is out of budget for the majority of folks. Luckily, you can find a reasonable first-class ticket with these airlines..
American Airlines is typically the best choice. A 2023 study by Upgraded Points found American Airlines offered the cheapest flights in first-class between popular destinations.
On average, a first-class ticket with American Airlines costs $235.85 more than an economy ticket — less of a price difference than Alaskan Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United.
Additionally, if you are a member of American Airlines AAdvantage loyalty program, you can also accrue and redeem miles for first-class upgrades.
United Airlines is another good choice for travelers seeking value in first-class air travel. On average, flyers will pay $250.23 more for an upgrade from economy to first class.