Flight attendant closing overhead bin

Flight Attendants Can't Stand These Rude Mistakes

By Amanda Finn


To learn what might bother flight attendants during boarding, Islands got in touch with flight attendant Christa Treat, a flight attendant of 16 years for a commercial airline.
Treat said that it can bother attendants when passengers use the plane toilet immediately, stating, "A lot of time we have to take delays because people need to use the restroom."
Treat also told Islands that one of the most common mistakes passengers make during boarding is not engaging, saying, "It's not hard to smile or nod back as a common courtesy."
Another common mistake Treat pointed out is being unaware of your surroundings during boarding. "I see people with big backpacks turn around and hit people all the time," she said.
Also, Treat suggests that passengers try to get situated as fast as they can and avoid rifling through their stuff before taking a seat so they don’t cause a boarding hangup.