Flight attendant smiling

Flight Attendants Hate When You Complain About This One Thing

By Mina Elwell


If something's wrong on your flight, your first instinct is likely to go to a flight attendant. However, when it comes to a crying baby, doing so will only frustrate the attendant.
Flight attendants @ichbinvin and @sunset_syd declared on TikTok that as annoying as a crying baby might be to you, it's much harder for the parents to deal with.
As a result, whining about a crying baby is seen as rude. Sunset_syd said, "It's extremely insensitive, and I am the first one to let a mom know: do not listen to those people."
Sometimes, parents have to take infants on a plane, even if they know they'll cry. Babies cry all the time on planes, and many flight attendants have learned to ignore the sound.
If crying bothers you, bring a nice pair of noise-canceling headphones to drown out the noise. If you can still hear the baby, try putting in a pair of foam earplugs too.