two flight attendant on a plane smiling at the camera

Flight Attendants Share The Things They Want You To Stop Doing

By Shandley McMurray


Hogging Overhead Bins
Stick to your baggage allowance and only place bulky items in the bin once all bags are stowed. If there's no space, put them under the seat in front of you.
No Seatbelt
Always wear your seatbelt on a plane, as having your belt fastened can help you move with the plane instead of against it during turbulence, keeping you in your seat.
Ignoring Safety
While flying is safe, serious incidents can occur, and passengers need to be aware of safety protocols. Listen to the safety announcements even if you fly often.
Try not to be a do-gooder who educates others about safety. You'll be more helpful to a flight attendant by keeping quiet instead of policing others and starting a fight.
If your seatmate is invading your personal space, politely ask them to move over. If that doesn't work, quietly ask a flight attendant to step in instead of escalating.
Call Button Misuse
Don't request refreshments via the call button, as it is meant to alert flight attendants to an emergency. When the button is misused, attendants may tune it out.