Flight attendant in the gallery

Flight Attendants Want You To Reconsider Asking Them For Seat Upgrades

By Nicole Cord-Cruz


Snagging a first or business-class seat upgrade isn't as easy as sweet-talking flight attendants, because they cannot freely hand out upgrades without jeopardizing their jobs.
In an interview with The Washington Post, flight attendant Vinia DiGeronimo debunked the myth that dressing elegantly or being charming can get you upgraded to first class.
"I know that if I were to upgrade someone out of order and not go by that [upgrade] list, I would get in so much trouble," DiGeronimo said. Other flight attendants agreed.
A flight attendant named Amber said that some passengers "Will call the airline and ask for a refund because they saw people moved up for free. And we can get terminated for that."
Flight attendant Rich told Vox, "In terms of issues with rebooking flights or baggage issues, reroutes, diversions, delays, maintenance [...] flight attendants have zero control."
While they can't give seat upgrades, Ivette Rivas, a flight attendant of over a decade, told The Daily Beast, "If you're nice to me, I might compensate a drink or two."