Hiker on trail in Alpstein

Follow These Tips To Stay In Touch With Loved-Ones While Thru-Hiking

By Mina Elwell


Epic thru-hiking journeys can take hikers multiple months. To ensure your well-being, you must have a means of contacting the outside world while on the trail.
The ability to call 911 is the no.1 priority, but being able to contact loved ones back home and tell them your approximate location can prevent emergencies before they happen.
Before you set out, figure out what route to travel and about how long it'll take. Creating a detailed plan and explaining it to your loved ones will allow you to stay connected.
Many wild places have no cell service, so your friends and family will only know you're safe if you check in at predetermined times and places. Schedule these contacts in advance.
If they can meet you on the trail, schedule a zero-day to spend time with them. They may also have the option to send packages to your next stop to make your resupply easier.
Even though you may not have cell reception at points of the journey, you can use technology like the Garmin inReach Mini 2, which lets you send texts without cell service.