Lake Superior shoreline

For Never-Ending Adventure, Visit This Remote Midwest National Park

By Katie Downey


Lake Superior in Michigan is home to some really spectacular islands, and one in particular features no crowds and abundant wildlife to enjoy: Isle Royale National Park.
A big part of the island's journey is how to get there. Visitors take a ferry ride from various harbors in Michigan or a quick seaplane flight from both Michigan and Minnesota.
Visitors to the park enjoy traveling the waters surrounding Isle Royale in canoes, kayaks, and small vessels. Visit in August or September, as you won't deal with as many bugs.
Isle Royale has more than 160 miles of hiking trails over 450 islands. A hike can take you through old-growth forests, wetlands, or rocks to a fantastic overlook.
The park is filled with wildlife, and visitors may encounter moose, gray wolves (more rarely), coyotes, caribou, foxes, beavers, otters, and snowshoe hares.
At the end of the day, you can choose to camp, stay in a rustic camping cabin in Windigo, or check into the Isle Royale Resort, also known as the Rock Harbor Lodge.