Woman entering airport with suitcase

Get Cheaper Plane Tickets By Booking On This Day Of The Week

By Nicole Cord-Cruz


There's an old myth that claims that plane tickets are cheaper on Tuesday, as this was once when tickets were released. Interestingly, this theory still has legs today.
Travel blogger Yulia Saf told PopSugar, "Airlines typically release their weekend sale prices on Monday evenings, leading to price adjustments by competitors by Tuesday afternoon."
Travel expert Stephanie Webb added that Tuesdays are the less frantic days for airlines and travel sites, which results in more wallet-friendly deals for budget travelers.
Mondays are the second-best day to lock down airfare for stateside flights, but for international flights, you might want to search on Sunday, as you could save up to 13 percent.
However, the day of the week matters less than how far ahead you'll book. Get your tickets 1-3 months ahead for domestic trips and 2-8 months ahead for international.