Woman arriving at hotel

Get Extra Perks When Checking Into A Hotel With These Tips

By Mina Elwell


Be Polite
Being nice to the staff and a generous tipper may be the best way to score an upgrade. Just make sure you're coming off as curious and excited rather than acting entitled.
Using a booking site can be a great way to narrow down your selection, but if you're hoping to get extra perks, you're better off booking directly through the hotel.
Some travel credit cards entitle cardholders to free upgrades at specific hotels, while others provide special perks and upgrades at certain luxury hotels and resorts.
Sometimes, all you need to do to secure a perk like early check-in is call the hotel. It's also worth telling the staff if you are celebrating something like your anniversary.
If you have a favorite hotel chain, try joining their rewards programs. Some offer fun perks like exercise classes, complimentary breakfast, and free drinks.