Makena Beach in Hawaii

Hawaii's Beaches Are Considered The World's Most Dangerous

By Kristin Conard


Hawaii has some of the world's most dangerous beaches due to its location in the Pacific Ocean. The waves that crash onto the shore carry energy generated across a large area.
There's no continental shelf to slow down the waves as they head toward Hawaii, so they break with much greater force than on the mainland and can easily knock you down.
Serious spinal cord injuries have resulted in Hawaii from waves just three feet high. Specifically, Oahu's Sandy Beach and Maui's Makena Beach are known for intense shore breaks.
In general, the waves on the south shores are stronger in the summer, and the strongest waves, which are the size of multi-story buildings, hit the north shores in the winter.
Even if the water doesn't look dangerous, don't just charge into it without knowing what you're getting into — there may be strong currents and hazards that you can't see.
When in doubt, check in with a lifeguard at the beach. Listen to lifeguards if they tell you to stay out of the water and remain on land if you see red flags on the beach.