Mt. Etna in Sicily

Head To Europe's Tallest Active Volcano For A Hiking Thrill

By Jenna Busch


If you want the perfect volcano hiking experience, visit Mt. Etna in Sicily, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2013 that formed around 35,000 years ago and is still active.
Mt. Etna is the most active volcano in Europe, and it's over 2 miles high and 93 miles around the base. You can hike there and spot flowing lava, which most people will never see.
To get to the hike, drive to Rifugio Sapienza on the south side of the volcano, where there is a parking lot and visitor center. From here, you'll catch the Funivia cable car.
When you get off, you'll be at Mountain Hut at 8,200 feet. From here, you can hike up to the 1.74-mile mark, but to go higher, you can only go with a guide.
Mt. Etna can be cold even when it's warm below, so take water, sunglasses, a hat, hiking boots, sunscreen, and a waterproof/windproof jacket, and be prepared for altitude sickness.
If you want a tour, Go Etna offers tours featuring a 4x4 excursion, a hike to flowing lava, a visit to lava cave, and wine tasting at the Cantina wine cellar on the volcano.