Rick Steves smiling
Head To Germany To Visit Rick Steves' Favorite European Castle
By Amanda Finn


Travel expert Rick Steves has seen many castles, but his favorite is the Burg Eltz in Germany's Moselle Valley. He loves castles that have not been touched or overrun by tourism.
Burg Eltz isn't an empty shell of its former self since the details still captured in the walls make the castle special. Steves is enamored by Burg Eltz for the rarities it holds.
Steves said, "Burg Eltz avoided wars and was never destroyed, remaining in the Eltz family for eight centuries. The castle is furnished throughout [...] as it was 500 years ago."
Due to its size, the treasury, which contains centuries of artifacts and artwork, is considered one of the most important collections. Steves admires the history of the castle.
The castle has 80 rooms, 40 fireplaces, wall-hanging tapestries, 20 toilets, and a beautiful chapel. The details remind visitors of the artists of yore and the space’s sanctity.