Beach with several people

Head To This US State To Find A One-Of-A-Kind Urban Beach Oasis

By Amanda Finn


One of the things people underestimate about Chicago is its incredible shoreline. Nestled against the Gold Coast and Streeterville neighborhoods, Oak Street is a fan favorite.
Complete with volleyball, biking, an ADA accessible beach walk, bathrooms, a café, and even Wi-Fi, Oak Street Beach is an oasis for Chicagoans and suburbanites alike.
Under the watchful gaze of downtown, with one of the best views around from the sand, you never forget that you're in the heart of a city.
One Tripadvisor review says it’s "clean for being located in the middle of a large metropolitan area. The large city buildings make for some awesome background for your pictures."
They continued, "Nice hotels and restaurants surround the beach so even if the weather is not ideal you can have a nice day. Great activity for families as well as couples."