Woman looking at signs at the airport

Here's Why Travelers Absolutely Hate This European Airport

By Mina Elwell


Frankfurt Airport in Germany is not well-loved. Customer reviews rank it at a mere three out of 10, with ratings for signage, food, wait times, and staff receiving only two stars.
Frankfurt sees the most passengers of any in Germany, but according to Airhelp's Global Airport Ranking, FRT ranked 175th out of the 194 major airports in 2023.
Reviewers of the airport have a lot to complain about, including being shouted at by security, missing luggage, and long delays. The most common complaint is the confusing signage.
Airline expert Brett Snyder says that the two main terminals are connected to various other forms of transportation like trains and buses, making it "feel like a labyrinth."
Frankfurt even has a rodent infestation. One reviewer on the website Sleeping in Airports warns, "Mice scurrying around at every gate I tried to rest in! Very unsettling."