Housekeeper looking stressed

Housekeepers Hate When You Use The 'Do Not Disturb' Sign. Here's Why

By Christine Estima


You might be surprised to learn some hotel housekeeping staff aren't too jazzed when you put the "do not disturb" sign on your door handle in the middle of the day.
According to hotel housekeepers, rooms that haven't been serviced in a few days are dirtier, forcing them to spend longer on each room and putting them behind schedule.
Annemarie Strassel, director of communications for the hotel workers union UniteHere, told USA Today, "They don't have more time to clean that room."
She continued, "Every housekeeper has a quota. If the quota for that room is half an hour, then it has to get cleaned in half an hour, even if it hasn't been cleaned for days."
UniteHere also released a report stating housekeepers are losing billable hours because of green programs that forgo housekeeping. Some hotels have even downsized staff.
Maria Mata told The Huffington Post, "If enough guests don't want housekeeper service, the hotel will tell me not to come to work, and I'll lose the wages I was counting on."