Cruise ship in the ocean

How To Avoid Being Sent To The 'Naughty Room' On A Cruise Ship

By Amanda Finn


If you bring items like alcohol, banned electronics, or candles on a cruise ship, they'll be confiscated and sent to the naughty room, which is where prohibited items are kept.
When passengers pack prohibited items, their luggage is often kept by security. You will receive a message that you can go to the naughty room and retrieve your belongings.
However, you won't be allowed to get the banned item back until the end of the cruise, and security may still have a few questions for you, too.
Cruise lines don't just screen checked luggage — they look into everything. Carry-ons can end up in the naughty room just as easily as checked bags.
If you plan on sneaking liquor, you should especially reconsider. Some people might be able to get their wine or alcohol back, while others will be out of luck.