Flight attendant on a plane serving drinks

How To Help Make Your Flight Attendants Day On Your Next Flight

By Amanda Finn


Flight attendants work tirelessly, sometimes on 18-hour shifts, and a surefire way to make a flight attendant's day is to surprise them with a care package.
These little tokens don't have to be a lot. Even a simple card has been received happily when handed to them with a smile.
Make them as generic or special as you want. Put them in individual satchels or baggies with things like tea bags, mints, non-nut candies, pens, chapstick, or hand sanitizer.
Add a card to go along with the gifts, signing your name and seat number at the bottom. Gift cards and cash are also welcome gifts, but research if your airline allows cash gifts.
Be sure to distribute them evenly amongst the cabin crew. Whatever you put in the bags, the key is not to take up too much room in their luggage.
Although giving a gift to your flight attendants can sometimes result in being given a card, snack box, or even a cabin upgrade in return, those things shouldn't be expected.