Woman walking near airport board

How To Make The Most Of Multi-City Flights For The Best Savings

By Nicole Cord-Cruz


When your itinerary is packed and involves jumping from one city to another, consider booking multi-city flights, a strategy that could yield both savings and convenience.
Victoria Fricke, owner of Vic's Vacations travel agency, tells Islands that this is useful for international trips with various must-see destinations, such as a trip to Italy.
Fricke explains, "In doing that trip you'd most likely take a multi-city flight. U.S. airport to Rome on the way there, then flying home from Naples back to the U.S."
While booking multi-city flights appears pretty straightforward, Fricke says that you can stand to save more money if you make hub cities your starting and ending points.
"Take someone from Indianapolis — if you price a trip from Indy to Paris it will be much more expensive than New York to Paris. So, hack the system," Fricke suggests.
She says that this trick works best if you only have your carry-on, since baggage fees can add up. You may also want to experiment with different routes to discover the best deals.