Person holding out boarding pass on phone

If You See An FQTV Code On Your Boarding Pass, Here's Why

By Dawn Hammon


Often, there will be a section of your boarding pass with a number you might not recognize. It is often labeled "FQTV," which is a shortened version of frequent traveler.
A FQTV designation indicates that you've signed up for a frequent flyer program with the airline. The designation will be followed by your assigned frequent flyer number.
There's no mandate that your boarding pass must contain the FQTV number, but it is always on your passenger name record (PNR), which is your digital profile with the airline.
Sometimes, the FQTV number on your pass doesn't correlate with the airline you're flying. This is because you can fly one airline while earning frequent flyer credits with another.
FQTV membership can be an essential tool for earning elite status or free flights. Programs are typically free to sign up for, but you'll need to subscribe to each one separately.