Road near cliff in Italy

Italian Locals Will Stare If You Make These Driving Mistakes

By Jenna Busch


Some people prefer having a car while visiting Italy. However, there are rules to know about driving in Italy, and not following them is going to out you as a tourist immediately.
In Italy, the left lane is for passing other cars and not just when you're passing someone else. If someone flashes lights at you from behind, they're saying they want to pass.
To drive in Italy, you must be 18 and have an international driving permit. If you have a child with you, make sure you have the correct car seat, and never turn on a red light.
When renting your car, go for a smaller one, as there are many narrow streets and tiny parking spots in Italy. Many parking spots only take cash, so make sure to bring it.
More customs to follow when driving in Italy are: always yield to people on the right, move immediately on the green light, don’t drive in ZTL zones, and don't skip tolls.
There are sign color codes you should know as well — green signals larger motorways, blue indicates urban roads, white is for local roads, and brown is for scenic spots.
Parking is different too. Blue-lined spots are for paid, yellow is for disabled parking (you will be fined for parking there illegally), and white is free, but they might be timed.