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It's Best To Avoid This Southern Airport If You Have Layovers In The US

By Amanda Finn


While they may be inevitable, layovers are stressful, and Orlando International Airport (MCO) is regularly ranked as one of the worst in the country for layovers.
MCO is always busy, and passengers at MCO often have to weave through crowds of people, navigate trains, and go back through security to change terminals.
As one user on Tripadvisor noted: "This place is a complete disaster... Had to take 2 trains to connect from gate 5 to 80 [...] Good luck if you have less than [a] 2hr layover."
MarketWatch also named MCO the worst airport in the country for layovers based on seat availability, cleanliness, charging station access, and food and beverage staff service.
Delays are another big reason you don't want to have a layover in MCO. The Bureau of Transportation Services says that MCO had the second most delays relative to flights in 2023.
Another obstacle to a layover at MCO is the size. MCO is the third largest airport in the U.S., taking up nearly 21 square miles and serving over 57.7 million people in 2023.