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Keep An Eye Out For These Scams On Your Next Trip To Fiji

By Lee Adams


Fiji enjoys a reputation as one of the friendliest countries in the world, but even it is home to unscrupulous people who will try to scam you.
Taxi scams are among the most common globally and are no different in Fiji. Beware the driver who insists on giving you a guided tour, as they may demand a large tip.
Fijian taxi drivers often invite passengers to dinner at their place before presenting them with a hefty bill for food and transport. To avoid this, be politely firm about saying no.
Bar scams are also common. After a little flirting, a scammer suggests more drinks in a new bar, which leads to an outrageous bill. Always look at the prices on the menu.
In another popular con trick in Nadi, one person has you guess which of the three boxes a ball is placed in. An onlooker picks your pocket while you're trying to follow the ball.
In another typical Fijian con, a stranger will approach you and ask your name. They then carve your name on a piece of wood and insist on an overinflated price for the souvenir.
Lastly, in Nadi, beware if a bird poops on you. This may be a white substance tossed on you by one accomplice so their friend can help tidy you up while they pickpocket you.