Woman trying to untangle cords

Keep Your Chargers Tangle-Free With These Packing Tips

By Amanda Finn


Cord tangles feel like an inevitable part of travel, but you can make them a thing of the past with a little packing organization or alternative charging methods.
The secret to keeping cords nice and neat is careful, deliberate packing. For best results, use a tech pouch, cable ties, or anything to keep the cords separate from other items.
Folks who don't mind a bit more baggage may prefer a tech pouch, which has loops, zippered pockets, and lots of space to organize your cables and chargers in one convenient place.
If you prefer to pack light, you can wind your cable together and secure it with a cable tie or a strip of Velcro. This will keep it from tangling up with other cables in your bag.
For the ultimate space-saving solution, try purchasing something like a three-in-one magnetic charging stand. These only need one short cord to charge all your devices at once.