Grande Sicilia shot from above

Lesser-Known Italian Islands To Add To Your Bucket List

By Sanjay Surana


Burano is an island located northeast of Venice. The island features narrow lanes with brightly painted houses and squares reflected in the canals.
Artisans in Burano began creating lace with motifs like animals and flowers during the 1500s. Tourists can better appreciate this rich legacy by visiting the Lace Museum.
This island off the northeast coast of Sardinia has earned a reputation for its wild beauty and stunning beaches. Visitors will find stunning water all around the island.
The island also features the Garibaldi Museum, wild goats, and plenty of gorgeous beach areas, including Cala Coticcio Beach and Cala Napoletana.
The hiking and diving on Giglio Island are spectacular. Its coastline is peppered with coves, bays, and gorgeous beaches, while hiking paths weave around the island.
Isola Bella
Located in Lake Maggiore and measuring only a few hundred feet across, Isola Bella's main attractions are an ornate palace and polished gardens.
The Palazzo Borromeo has rooms packed with opulent furnishings and art. The island's gardens are equally grand, with plants, terraces, statues, fountains, and white peacocks.
Isola Polvese
Located on Lake Trasimeno, this island's central attraction is an imposing fortress. It also features endless tree groves and a garden designed by Pietro Porcinai.