Woman entering a hostel

Make Finding Budget Accommodations Easier With Rick Steves' Tips

By Christine Estima


When it comes to finding budget accommodations, trusted travel guru Rick Steves says to sleep cheap in 1-star hotels, don't be fussy about amenities, and embrace the
youth hostel.
A youth hostel is a dorm-like space where people sleep in bunk beds and use communal bathrooms and kitchens. Bed prices can be as low as $50 in Amsterdam or $15 in Thailand.
If you want youth hostel prices but your own room, Steves writes, "A hostel membership pays for itself in four nights. And [...] those over 55 get a discount on a hostel card."
If you forgo the ensuite aspect of the room, you can save even more. Steves writes that "Opting for the shower and toilet down the hall can save you $30 a night" at a 1-star hotel.
Steves also uses booking sites to find accommodation but doesn’t actually book through them. Instead, he calls the hotel directly to haggle for a price.
He also notes that perhaps the best way to get the most for your money while on a budget is to eschew the big-name chain hotels and opt for a mom-and-pop local hotel.