Plane full of empty seats

Make Getting Work Done On Your Flight Easier By Booking These Seats

By Mina Elwell


Choosing your seat correctly can make all the difference when on a long flight. If you're hoping to get a few hours of work done on your flight, opt for the window seat.
In the window seat, other passengers in your row are less likely to disrupt your work, and you can shut the window shade to reduce glare on your computer screen.
Also, try to choose seats that are farther from the bathrooms, as the flush of the airline toilet is loud and people with babies tend to book seats close to the bathroom.
While seats at the front of the plane are farther from the engine and quieter, if you own noise-canceling headphones, you may want to sit by the wing to reduce turbulence.
If you plan to use your computer to work on your flight, check a site like SeatGuru to see which seat can access an outlet and if your flight offers free WiFi.