Cruise ship on ocean

Make The Most Out Of Your Cramped Cruise Cabin With This Luggage Type

By Mina Elwell


If you plan to take a cruise soon, you should get collapsible luggage. Most cruises have small passenger sleeping quarters, and you don't want vital space taken up by suitcases.
The easiest place to put your luggage on a cruise is under the bed. With collapsible luggage, you can store it under the bed without sacrificing the amount of stuff you can bring.
You can choose from traditional foldable soft bags like backpacks and duffels to hard-shelled suitcases that collapse flat, ensuring they'll fit into a narrow under-bed space.
Collapsible luggage comes in both carry-on and full check-in sizes. Some of these handy cases can even convert from smaller to bigger sizes, depending on how you zip them up.