Manuel Antonio national park in Costa Rica

Many Tourists Complain About This One Thing After A Trip To Costa Rica

By Amanda Finn


Costa Rica is known for sloths, and many visitors leave feeling frustrated after not seeing the cuddly-looking creature during their trip.
While the sights of the capital city of San José may appeal to human visitors, they aren't appreciated by sloths, so you probably won't simply bump into one in the city.
Sloths also spend 99% of their time hanging out in tree canopies in the rainforest — they only come down once a week to do their business.
The best way to see a sloth is to venture into the moisture-dense rainforests in areas like La Fortuna, Tortuguero, Monteverde, Puerto Viejo, and the Manuel Antonio National Park.
Whether or not you see a sloth also depends on when you visit. Although you can spot them year-round, they are largely nocturnal creatures and prefer the rainier seasons.
Even if you're prepped for a Costa Rican adventure with all the knowledge you need, you may still not see a sloth. It's best to hire a guide who can spot them with a telescope.