a hat and sunglasses in a luggage

Maximize Luggage Space With These Flight Attendant Approved Tricks

By Nicole Cord-Cruz


TikToker @ouiouinicoled suggests writing a list of things you need to bring for your trip so you can streamline the packing process and avoid forgetting something important.
If you bring sneakers, boots, and heavy jackets on your trip, TikTok user @diyplaybook suggests wearing them during transit to free up significant space in your luggage.
Packing Cubes
Flight attendant Kat Kamalani recommends rolling your clothes and organizing them using packing cubes to fit as many clothes as you can in your luggage.
TikToker @trendytraveler says to bring toiletries that serve multiple purposes like a body wash-soaked sponge or using solid toiletries to save luggage space.
Instead of organizing your stuff horizontally, @nicks.travels suggests doing it vertically to encourage a more even weight distribution with bulkier items at the bottom.