Mountains in Kalalau Valley

No Views Compare To The Ones You'll See In This Remote Part Of Hawaii

By Dawn Hammon


Kalalau Valley, Hawaii, is difficult to get to but delivers a postcard essence of the island with white sand beaches and iconic streams trickling down the mountains.
Hawaiians used to farm taro in the valley, but today, it's illegal to live there. It is open to visitors via an arduous hike, but a permit is required and can be hard to get.
The Kalalau Trail is the only way to get into the valley by land. The 11-mile trail crosses valleys, streams, and Hanakapi'ai Falls before dropping to sea level at Kalalau beach.
The trail is dangerous, as flash floods and falling rocks occur frequently, and at one point hikers need to hug the ledge in order to avoid a steep drop off on the other side.
If a strenuous backpacking trip isn't your thing, you can drive to a viewpoint outside of Waimea to look down on the valley or take a helicopter or boat ride through the region.