Nā Pali Coast

Nothing Else In The World Compares To The Views At This Hawaiian Gem

By Dawn Hammon


While Hawaii is known for its striking mountains, gorgeous beaches, and lush landscapes, one particular coastline stands out for its stunning beauty: the Nā Pali Coast.
Located in Kauai's northwest region, the Nā Pali Coast gives visitors a taste of nature's forces while enjoying its incomparable natural beauty.
The rugged terrain does make it more difficult to get to than some of the island's other attractions, but there are many ways to view sections of this 17-mile stretch of coastline.
There are no roads connecting the north to south on Kauai's western side, making hiking the only way to access the Nā Pali Coast's gems, like the Kalalau Valley.
However, there are other ways to enjoy the area, such as kayaking to one of the legal landing spots or taking a guided sea tour, which can provide access to certain areas.
The Kalalau Lookout north of Waimea is the most budget-friendly way to view, but if you can afford it, a helicopter tour could be the most memorable way to view the coastline.