Shore of corn island

Plan A Trip To These Two Caribbean Islands For A Crowd-Free Vacation

By Hilary I. Lebow


The Caribbean Corn Islands tick all the boxes if you're looking for crystalline waters, white-sandy beaches, warm locals, freshly baked coconut bread, and seafood dinners.
Getting to the islands is difficult. You have to take a plane ride from Nicaragua to Big Corn, and if you want to continue to Little Corn, you'll have to catch an open-air boat.
Of the two, Big Corn is less touristy but has more amenities like full-time electricity, Wifi, and taxis. It's cheaper and has two stunning beaches that are all but deserted.
Snorkeling and diving are also popular in this area. With 20 offshore dive sites, you can glimpse sea turtles, stingrays, dolphins, and sharks with a backdrop of colorful corals.
Little Corn Island has no motorized vehicles and a limited phone signal. The electricity shuts off during the day, giving you plenty of time to reconnect with nature.
Otto Beach is perfect for catching a few rays, swimming, or grabbing a cocktail from a nearby tiki bar. You could also book a two-hour snorkeling tour from Grace's Cool Spot.
At the four-star Yemaya Reefs Hotel, there are plenty of activities for the ideal Caribbean vacation, like cooking classes, cocktail classes, spa treatments, or a sunset cruise.