Samantha Brown speaking

Plan Your Dream Cruise Vacation With Samantha Brown's Tips

By Nicole Cord-Cruz


Book Soon
According to Samantha Brown, if you're planning on trying out an excursion while at port, you need to book it ASAP, lest you risk losing out on a spot.
"Make sure you book any shore excursion you really want to do as soon as possible [...] if you wait too long, you may miss out," she shared with Holland America.
Excursions are often not free, so it’s important to budget for any outings you want to go on. You may also want to budget some extra cash for tips, too.
Brown said, "Make sure you create a budget for these richly deserved extras BEFORE you go on the cruise. If you don't, the extras could easily add up."
Many cruises offer specialty restaurants. Per Samantha Brown, if you're going to dine at these restaurants, you should try diverging from the menu.
Brown suggests asking the server about the hometown of the culinary team and requesting a dish native to that place. "It will be the most delicious thing on the menu," she said.