Sun rising over mountains in Maui

Plan Your Next Fall Trip To

This Beautiful Hawaiian Island

By Kristin Conard


Peak seasons on Maui, Hawaii are summer and winter, so if you want to miss the masses of tourists and enjoy all the benefits that entails, plan your trip to Maui in the fall.
Costs for accommodations and tours will be lower in the fall, and the weather will still be balmy, with temperatures of 70-85 degrees and waters up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
The relative lack of tourists in autumn means that you'll have easier access to Maui's most famous attractions such as Hana Highway and the summit of Haleakalā volcano.
Green sea turtle nesting season on Maui can run through fall, which means you may spot them out on the beaches. You can also swim with them in the warm waters.
There are also a number of annual fall festivals on Maui, such as the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival and The Hawaiian Airlines Made in Maui County Festival.
For unique cultural experiences, visit the Festivals of Aloha in September and October, which include events like concerts, parades, lei-making classes, and hula demonstrations.