Woman looking over cruise ship railing

Reasons Why You Should Think Twice Before Booking A Cruise

By Sanjay Surana


Cruise ships won’t stop at precisely the places you want to go but instead visit places that match the needs of the boat. This can be a turn-off for many travelers.
Unless you live close to a cruise port, you may have to take a flight to and from the cruise departure city. This costs extra and adds the stressor of time management.
Can’t Leave
You can’t leave the cruise ship for most of the journey, and it can quickly turn into a waterborne prison if there is tension between passengers or huge crowds.
The food on these ships is designed for mass consumption, so consistently good food is impossible to guarantee. Menus also tend to be simple, and cheap buffets are a staple.
Although you may cruise to your dream island, ships don’t spend vast amounts of time at a locale, and the ports where they dock tend to be very commercial.