Woman in sunglasses eating at Italian restaurant

Red Flags To

Look Out For

When Picking A Restaurant In Italy

By Jenna Busch


There are some local norms you may be unaware of as a tourist in Italy, which means you could end up paying more than you expect at a restaurant in a place like Rome or Milan.
A big red flag before you even look at the menu is location. If you pick a spot facing a monument, you could pay nearly triple the rate of a place just down the street.
To keep up with demand, busy tourist places often cut costs by using frozen food or having things prepared far ahead of time. Check the small alleyways to find some real gems.
You will also be charged a lot more if you eat at a table, so if you only want something small, drink a beverage at the bar or take your snack with you as you walk down the street.
Another sign of a tourist trap is pictures or other languages on the menu. Usually, places that do this are catering to people who can't understand the menu in Italian.
If the employees are speaking Italian at the restaurant, that's a good sign. On the other hand, if a waiter is outside trying to call tourists in, it's likely a tourist trap.