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Reuse A Pool Noodle And Protect Your Camping Canopy From Rain

By Kristi Roe-Owen


A sturdy camping canopy can give you a dry space to hang out during rain, but when it begins to really come down, water can pool in your canopy and bend the supports.
Fortunately, TikToker @outdoorsycaroline has a brilliant solution: Using pool noodles to prop up the tarp so water runs off the side instead of pooling, sagging, and leaking.
After setting up your tarp, scan it for saggy spots, identifying any areas where rain tends to collect. For each problem area, slide in a pool noodle to flatten out the surface.
The long, flexible pool noodle can easily fit anywhere you need it to. With the extra support, rain can glide smoothly down the tarp rather than pooling in little puddles.