Man looking at Niagara Falls

Reviews Warn To Avoid These Niagara Falls Tourist Traps At All Costs

By Kristi Roe-Owen


Niagara Falls is overrun with restaurants that are overpriced and underwhelming. One heavily advertised buffet is universally despised on Reddit and Tripadvisor.
Several Reddit users say that choosing anything in the tourist district is a risky venture. To avoid the worst offenders, Redditors suggest traveling to Niagara-on-the-Lake.
Upside Down House
The Upside Down House uses optical illusions to create a topsy-turvy reality. While entertaining, the price is steep and the tour takes less than five minutes.
Indoor skydiving chambers use a vertical wind tunnel to push guests upward. However, it costs a pretty penny, only lasts a few minutes, and doesn’t offer any views.
A nice arcade like Dave & Buster's is delightful, but reviewers on Reddit and Tripadvisor say that the arcade selections around Niagara Falls are dreary and drab.
Reddit user u/SaraAB87 described a nearby arcade that was run-down and had no air conditioning in the 90-degree heat. Some places even charge extra for using coupons.
Fast Food
Familiar fast food spots near Niagara Falls jack up their prices. One Redditor stated that what would typically cost them around $10 at Burger King costs around $40.