Rick Steves holding up arms

Rick Steves Absolutely Loves This Breathtaking Hike

By Leslie Veliz


European adventure expert Rick Steves admitted in a 2021 interview with Outside Magazine that he had never hiked in Europe until he did the 103-mile Tour du Mont Blanc.
The Tour du Mont Blanc traverses France, Italy, and Switzerland and features an elevation gain of over 30,000 feet. Steves decided to hike the trail because he was overworked.
Hiking was life-changing for Steves, who said, "What I like is the rhythm of my feet on the trail. It's therapeutic. It's a delightful experience for my body and my soul."
The hike starts and ends in Chamonix in the French Alps. Along the way, hikers stay in mountain lodges or huts and dine on local fare while viewing unforgettable mountain scenery.
Steves and three others hiked 60 miles of the trail, and he declared it a must-do for travelers. The best time to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc is between June and September.
Alpine Hikers is one of many tour operators that offer guided hikes on Tour du Mont Blanc. The trip lasts 11 days, and at the time of this publication, it costs $5,995 per person.