Man standing on rock in Iceland

Rick Steves Explains Why Iceland Is More Dangerous Than You'd Expect

By Jenna Busch


A trip to Iceland can be an absolute dream, but there are things you must know about the weather there before you go. Not only can it get cold, but the wind can be dangerous.
The winter in Iceland can get stormy, and as Rick Steves said, "Even in summer, you'll likely encounter winds that are uncomfortable or dangerous to walk or drive in."
Iceland can have wind speeds of around 70 mph in storms. These winds can blow a person over, especially on rocks or ice, and it almost happened to Steves.
Steves advised travelers not to drive outside Reykjavik from November through March as some roads "can be a sheet of ice for weeks at a time, especially at higher elevations."
You should also look at the windchill when deciding what to wear for the day. If you plan on visiting areas that are icy and windy, pack the right hiking gear, including crampons.