Rick Steves grinning

Rick Steves Recommends Doing These Things Before A Trip

By Maddie Brown


According to Rick Steves' website, it's crucial to fit in necessary medical appointments before traveling. Additionally, make sure you have enough of your prescriptions.
Steves says international travelers should ask their health insurance provider about their coverage plan. He also advises considering travel insurance.
Steves emphasizes the importance of verifying travel documents. Renew your driver's license and passport if it's set to expire within six months of your return date.
In addition, Steves advises travelers to have backup copies of travel documents as a security net and to inform their debit and credit card companies of their trip.
Steves is a big proponent of booking reservations for popular sights, as this can significantly cut down wait times. He also says that a museum pass can be economical.
You can further minimize waiting by following "any good up-to-date guidebook," Steves adds, calling guidebooks "$20 tools for $3,000 experiences."