People looking over Fjords in Norway

Rick Steves Says He Would Live In This European Country

By Blake Guthrie


At an event hosted by KCTS 9, a PBS station in Washington state, Travel journalist Rick Steves stated that if he could not live in America, he would live in Norway.
"I really like their social sensibilities," Steves told the audience member who asked him the question. "And I have Norwegian heritage, so I feel very at home there."
Steves' first trip to Norway was a family vacation when he was 14 years old in 1969. Other trips to Norway followed, and Steves loved the rich culture and breathtaking scenery.
In his guidebook on Norway, Steves called it "A land of intense natural beauty." The famous fjords can be explored by car or rail and are a top cruise destination.
Many people also speak English in Norway. "I speak only English," Steves wrote, "Of all the places in Europe I've traveled and worked, Norway has been the easiest to communicate."