Rick Steves in France

Rick Steves Share The 5 Must-Know Phrases For Your Trip To France

By Jenna Busch


On his website, travel expert Rick Steves recommends you learn at least five specific phrases to help you when visiting France, as they are very helpful and easy to learn.
Steves says you should learn to say "bonjour" (pronounced "bohn zhoor") which means "good day." To say "goodbye," say "au revoir" (pronounced "oh rev wah.")
Steves also suggests you learn to say "pardon me," which is "pardon" (pronounced "par duhn.") You'll use this on public transportation and on the street to get someone's attention.
"Please" is "s'il vous plaît" (pronounced "see voo play,") and "Thank you" is "merci" (pronounced "mare see.") "Ma'am" and "sir" are "madame" and "monsieur" respectively.
We also suggest knowing "Parlez-vous anglais?" ("par lay voo ahn glays,") or "Do you speak English?" and "Où sont les toilettes?" ("Oo sohn lay twah let") to ask for the bathroom.
An attempt to speak French in France will go a long way. You can also use hand gestures to back up your words, as a lot of things are communicated without words.