Buildings in Segovia

Rick Steves Shares The Best Time To Visit These Famous European Spots

By Mina Elwell


Summer in Germany is crowded, so you may want to visit in the fall. Oktoberfest traffic is huge in Munich, so try going to one of the less popular festivals like Freimarkt.
If you brave the chilly German winter, you can see Christmas markets and gorgeous villages. Rick Steves says, "Dustings of snow turn German towns and landscapes into a wonderland."
According to Steves, despite many summer festivals, the best times to visit France are late spring and fall, as there are fewer tourists.
If you head to France in the fall, you'll encounter many wine festivals. In the spring, you'll enjoy the beaches without the people and beautiful blooms in various areas.
Summer in Spain is extremely hot, and winters can be too cold to enjoy outdoor activities. Steves says that if you want to enjoy the weather, visit in the spring or the fall.
Spring may be your best time to book a trip to Spain, as lines will be shorter, and you can embrace the culture by visiting during Semana Santa or Cordoba's Battle of the Flowers.