Rick Steves in a purple shirt

Rick Steves Shares The Common Clothing Mistake To Avoid In Europe

By Amanda Finn


When visiting Europe, travel expert Rick Steves advises against wearing shorts to avoid sticking out among the crowds as a tourist.
In general, Europeans dress more formally than Americans. Even a casual look will be more dressed up than Americans are accustomed to.
Steves says that locales like concert halls have a casual dress code during high tourist seasons, but you should bring items like slacks and a collared shirt for dressier events.
Shorts are also inappropriate for certain locations. Steves writes, "Some churches, mostly in southern Europe, have modest-dress requirements: no shorts or bare shoulders."
Shorts don't have to be totally out of the question — it's just important to know when to wear them. Avoid athletic or cargo shorts since those are uncommon in European fashion.