Person on bed holding head in hand

Rick Steves Swears By This Simple Jet Lag Cure

By Kristin Conard


Professional international traveler Rick Steves has tons of great travel tips, including a prescription to fighting jet lag — zolpidem, or Ambien.
On his website, Steves writes, "I must admit that the sleep aid zolpidem [...] has become my friend in fighting jet lag." He takes it to help him on his first night of a big trip.
Before taking zolpidem, consider that it has side effects like drowsiness, headaches, and nasal congestion. Also, people can potentially become dependent on zolpidem.
You should also use it when you have time for seven to nine hours of sleep. Don't take it if you need to be up and about in less time, and don't pair it with alcohol.
Medication won't completely wipe away jet lag, but it can get you some much-needed sleep to help you adjust more quickly to the daylight hours at your destination.