Rick Steves talking

Rick Steves' Top Tips For Doing Your Laundry In Your Hotel Room

By Hilary I. Lebow


European travel expert Rick Steves avoids checking a bag at the airport by packing light with a carry-on and doing his laundry in the hotel sink.
One of his top travel tips is to pack clothing made of fabrics that are durable yet lightweight, such as Dash Hemp shorts, Patagonia pants, Meriwool base layers, and REI shirts.
Hoteliers aren't the biggest fans of guests washing their clothes in the hotel room, so Steve suggests washing your clothes carefully and drying them discreetly.
Fill the sink with warm water and make some suds with the hotel shampoo bottle. Toss in your clothes and let them soak, swirling them every so often.
Let your clothes soak for 10 minutes, then drain the soapy water. Refill the sink with clean water to make sure you have all of your makeshift "detergent" out of the clothes.
Wring out your wet clothes with your hands or towels, then drape them over the side of the bathtub or hang them in the closet. You can also pack a portable clothesline.